Aldo Narejos has a degree in Psichology, he is a composer, producer and young entrepreneur. He writes the lyrics and music of his songs.

A self-taught musician, Aldo started playing the piano at the age of six and when he reached thirteen years of age he had already written his first song. It was later that he completed his studies as musician.

Aldo Narejos (1997)

Drawn by his urge to share his music with others, he has offered more than 300 concerts, from the more intimate circles in Alicante, his hometown, to others more distant, where he acquired a wealth of experience.

His efforts at recording several rough cuts eventually succeeded in the creation of three albums, Miscellaneous, Unidad & Diario de un Mono, his last work in which he expands his songs with the richness of instruments such as piano, violoncello or bandoneon.

It is in Córdoba where he started his career as entrepreneur founding the cultural production company NI TE IMAGINAS late in 2009, where he develops continuously artistic, educational and social projects which he offers to Andalucía.
He has founded several musical bands, namely Jäam, Sonya Ego y Aldous. In the period 2010/2011, he produced two numbers for the musical “Lunáticos” of Victor Ullate, as well as two summer songs that reached the first top tracks in the renowned annual compilation Caribe Mix in its 2011 edition. One of these tracks, “Caravana de palomos” was selected as the official anthem of the event by the same name organized by Gran Wyoming in the television program “El Intermedio” for the Sexta channel.

In October 2011, in the Escuela Superior Politécnica de Belmez, he presented an innovative educational musical method of his own creation: The Solbello. The act was presided by the renowned writer Alejandro Lopez Andrada.

At present he lives dedicated to his creative and enterprise activities in the valley Los Pedroches where he has come to find his roots and a quiet place to develop his projects.